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Road Bikes

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Holmes has a wide variety of road bikes to choose from in stock and on the showroom floor.

If you'd like to schedule a free test ride or setup an appointment with our talented and knowledgeable staff feel free to contact us or call.

Drop Bar

Drop bar road bikes are the “10 speeds” of the old days. These are traditional road bikes with narrow tires, offering multiple hand positions and great efficiency on paved surfaces. They are not intended for dirt or gravel.


Flat Bar

Flat bar road bikes or “Fitness” bikes have a more upright riding position and have more tire clearance than a conventional road bike. Flat bar road bikes are usable on a wider range of surfaces than drop bar road bikes, such as gravel and light trail.


Time Trial/Triathlon

Time trail bikes are purpose built speed machines. They are the most efficient category of bicycle, but have a very aggressive riding position which may not be comfortable for every rider. Also, they are not great for group rides or urban settings since brake levers are not always close to your hands. Like road bikes, these are at home only on smooth pavement.



Cyclocross bikes are road bikes with lower gearing, wider tires, and frames built with more tire clearance. They are alright for pavement, but designed for light off road use.



As the name would suggest, touring bikes are road bikes that are designed to carry gear necessary for extended travel. Usually, touring bikes are equipped with the eyelets necessary for mounting front and rear racks, have plenty of clearance for fenders, and have a wide range of gearing to allow for slow climbing with additional cargo.


Single Speed

You guessed it, it’s a road bike with only one speed. Some folks like the simplicity, challenge, and low cost of single speed road bikes.


Holmes Cycling & Fitness is the premiere cycling and fitness equipment outfitter in the central Pennsylvania area. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for quality fitness equipment, kids bikes, mountain or road bikes or anything in between, Holmes has got you covered.

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Happy Customers

"I recently purchased an entry level road bike and accessories from Holmes Cycling. This has been my first experience with your shop and I am nothing short of totally impressed with my experience."


"I love Holmes and the people that work there! I purchased a home gym and a treadmill from them a few years ago. Don Kessel and team did a great job setting up both pieces of equipment and made it a quick and easy process. Because of the great service I received with my workout equipment, I decided to buy a cargo box for my car from them. Holmes had numerous options in stock and they were helpful with fitting my car and making sure I had all the right stuff for it. Thank you for all of your help over the years!"


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